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Our base of work is our DNA that we unconditionally aim at in all projects and that translates our professional attitude.

In the provision of our services, we integrate the requirements and objectives of our clients as if they were ours, with the skills of our teams and the technical requirements of the projects developed.

We execute our actions with enthusiasm and strength towards the realization of new ideas and technical solutions.

We want to ensure that with the commitment and dedication of our teams, the projects orchestrated by Excellens, enhance greater effectiveness, dynamism, speed and costs appropriate for the client.

Why do they choose us?

“After completing the work in the epigraph, it is understood as fair, a thank you to the entire Excellens team that was directly or indirectly involved in this project. It is worth noting the excellent planning and execution of the work, and the attention to all the details, which denotes a high professionalism. I welcome the excellent work and thank you for all the commitment and availability you have shown.”

Paulo Mendonça - Head of NAV air traffic services at Faro Airport

“For the proper purposes we declare that excellens – Engineering & Consulting has provided us with project services and supervision in the last three years in a assiduous, attentive and committed way, emphasizing itself for the support, presence, monitoring and advice and, therefore, has deserved our full confidence in what it does.”

António Gomes - Administrator Gomes & Valle, Lda., Gomes & Valle, Lda

“Dear Excellens: To work with good consultants is easy, but to build in Eastern Europe you feel the difference between being good and being excellent. Thank you for your extraordinary work!”

Rolf Kullmann - Director Fapomed Ukraine, Fapomed Ukraine

“Recognizing the quality of the services provided by Excellens, the Santa Maria School has again requested its collaboration. This time for a slightly different project: the project of phased reconstruction of the centenary building where the 1st Basic Education Cycle of the School is installed and in operation – House I. Thus, after having carried out an exhaustive survey of all the pathologies existing in the building, Excellens developed a global intervention program in House I , and ensured the implementation of the 1st Phase of Intervention.
Despite the existing budgetary and property constraints, Excellens once again responded adequately and effectively to the needs of the School, which undoubtedly significantly improved the conditions of comfort, safety and functionality of the intervened spaces.
It was with great satisfaction that we returned to Excellens as a partner.
Thank you so much.”

Dr. Helena Silva, and Dr. Isabel Rebelo, Phased reconstruction work of House I, Santa Maria School

“I met Eng. Nuno Santos before Excellens was born, in a collaboration for the viaduct project on VCI, in Porto. From that time I was left with the notion that method, organization and rigor were present in his work not only as a means to an end, but as an addiction in himself. When you invited me to be an acoustic consultant at Excellens I did not hesitate, because I saw in this partnership obvious fruits that would go beyond the mere business, as a process of sharing and learning in which I would like to embark. The collaboration between our companies continues today with several projects implemented, of which Concha Acústica e Coretos da Trofa stands out as the most paradigmatic collaboration between Structures and Acoustics, in a work of coordination with Architecture (carvalho Araújo) that lives up to the name and prestige of Excellens.”

Octávio Inácio - Specialist in Acoustic Engineering , CEO of InAcoustics, Lda

“The work of expansion and remodeling of Casa II, the building where the Day Care Center and the Kindergarten of the Santa Maria School are installed, was undoubtedly one of the greatest challenges of the Santa Maria School. For the realization of this work, the School had the collaboration of Excellens.
A collaboration that began with the design and development of the project, in all its aspects, and did not end anymore. Excellens accompanied the Santa Maria School throughout the process, having ensured, in an exemplary way, the supervision and coordination of safety at work. We have always worked closely, and for the same purpose – improving the conditions of comfort and safety of students, families and school staff – always keeping in mind the existing budget limit. It was a remarkable experience, in which we experienced: competence, dedication, rigor and innovation, attitudes that characterize excellens’ work.
The challenge was great! The result, excellent and rewarding! Thank you so much.”

Dr. Helena Silva, and Dr. Isabel Rebelo, Work of expansion and refurbishment of House II, Santa Maria School

“THE company NAV Portugal, E.P.E., regarding the work carried out by Excellens, has to inform you that the degree of satisfaction is high, because you and your team, gather the best attributes that can be desired such as: competence; professionalism; effectiveness; and security.”

Antonio Madeira, Advisor of the NAV Air Control Tower of Francisco Sá Carneiro Airport

“I was able to make a great impression on the work done by Excellens in the building in question, both in terms of work organization and in the results obtained for the condominium.
I think it is always essential to defend the interests of the client, never calling into question professional ethics.”

Dr. Mario Reis, Condsafe Administrator

“As Excellens clients, the collaboration in the evaluation and preparation of a project of structures in the refurbishment of a villa corresponded entirely to the intended. The professionalism shown confirmed that Excellens was the right partner for MagnaCasa, not only for this work but for future works.”

Manuel Costa, MagnaCasa

“The Condominium of the Building located at Rua Duarte Barbosa, 368, in Porto, represented here by its Administration – Urbifracção Lda, declares for the proper purposes, having contracted with the company Excellens, Lda, for said Condominium, the Project of Rehabilitation of Pathologies, Analysis of proposals of Builders, Supervision and Coordination of Safety at Work. More it is stated that in all the work carried out Excellens Lda demonstrated a high sense of professionalism, rigor, commitment beyond the contractual aspects, achieving the objectives of this rehabilitation of pathologies.”

Dr. Aida Carvalho, Urbifraction

“In my capacity as Chairman of the Works Commission, I declare that Excellens was chosen from several companies that submitted proposals to prepare a project in order to solve various pathologies that the building presented.
Excellens, within the expected period, presented its project which was approved by the General Assembly.
Excellens had the delicate task of supervision, monitoring and management of the work. As well as the responsibility of the coordination of safety at work. I’m pleased to inform those rightly who Eng. Santos showed, from the beginning, to be a reliable professional, an excellent coach and a man of solid principles. He was always punctual and followed the work with continuity and competence. O Eng. Nuno Santos had several times to guide the contractor in order to find the best solution to various problems that presented themselves. I can tell you that Eng’s presence and availability. Nuno Santos allowed the works to go well. It was a pleasure for me to have had the opportunity to work with him.”

General (r) Dr. Angelo Arena, President CO of The Paradise Condominium of Foz n.48

“As the coordinating entity of the work I consider that excellens’ performance was very positive, ensuring an effective interaction between clients, architects and companies involved. The approach to the challenges that arose during the work was always of great cooperation with MagnaCasa which facilitated the whole process and enabled a final result that exceeded expectations.”

Manuel Costa, MagnaCasa

“The trust we place in Excellens is the result, not only of a mere curricular consultation, already convincing, by extensive and consistent, but especially from the direct knowledge of previous works in which we can count on your competence and dedication, which have proved fundamental to the fulfillment of deadlines, technical quality and budgetary rigor.”

Dr. Luis Magalhães , Magaplano - Investimento Imobiliários S.A.

“Loftbridge, Lda. worked with Excellens, Lda. in the Coordination of Safety at Work, in the work of rehabilitation and expansion of the building located at Rua de Vilar, 178, 182 and 192, Porto, having been a service service guided by rigor and quality throughout the period of the work.”

Arqª Rosario, Your Content Goes Here

Excellens Engineering & Consulting has been a partner of Mota-Engil Engineering and Construction in several national and international projects over the last few years.
They have revealed great professionalism and technical capacity in all work, both in the quality of solutions, as well as in meeting deadlines. They remain as a reference office for future work.

Arqº José Ribeiro, Head of the Mota-Engil Architecture and Construction Center

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